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Although we form part of a national and international network, HLB Van Daal & Partners retains its local focus in Amsterdam, the Province of Brabant and Limburg. Our employees are from our region, speak the language and are involved. Our professionals know the dynamics of the Amsterdam, Brabant and Limburg SMEs, know what is happening and recognise opportunities for their clients. The worldwide presence of HLB enables us to serve you beyond the borders too. Through our international HLB-network... Lees verder

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International tax service

The world is becoming smaller. Globalisation and the internet have provided new perspectives and opened up new markets that can be conquered. You can make the best use of your opportunities when you can build on local help from consultants who know all the ins and outs of the relevant tax system for example. You can avoid the risk of surprises when you know the local rules, including all the pitfalls, rates and periods you need to take into account. We can advise you on how the correct company structure...Lees verder

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MeiSei Tax Audit Newsletter

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White paper - China & Hong Kong

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If you would have the option to pay less tax based on the normal tax laws, would you do that? 

  Maybe you wonder what kind of question is that? It appears to be a very normal question nowadays. 

Please let me explain. Have you heard about the uproar regarding Starbucks, Apple and Google? These companies don't pay enough taxes in the eyes.... 

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