International tax service

The world is becoming smaller. Globalisation and the internet have provided new perspectives and opened up new markets that can be conquered. You can make the best use of your opportunities when you can build on local help from consultants who know all the ins and outs of the relevant tax system for example. 

You can avoid the risk of surprises when you know the local rules, including all the pitfalls, rates and periods you need to take into account.

We can advise you on how the correct company structure in different countries can produce significant tax savings. What do you need to take into account, what is eligible for subsidy, where do environmental requirements apply, who deals with what? We form part of the international HLB network, and if you prefer we travel with you to sort out the things that need to be sorted out. That is ‘local touch, global reach’ in action.

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C.P.J.M. (Corney) Versteden, LLMPartner / Tax adviser

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