Transfer pricing

If your company has sites in several countries, it may be favourable from a fiscal point of view to enter the profit in those countries with the most favourable tax rates. A transfer-pricing study prevents you from encountering difficulties with the tax authorities in the various countries. It contains the prices you apply and that forms the basis for deciding which elements of the profit are entered in which country.

However, a transfer-pricing study is more than an obligation resulting from the Corporation Tax Act. You can set up a good transfer-pricing system to audit your business organisation in the different countries. Which site achieves which result and why? Where and how can you direct and control? We can offer support.

We use questionnaires completed by you and interviews with key figures within your business to prepare a draft transfer-pricing study. After we have discussed that with you, we calculate which part of the profit may or must be allocated to which site. If you wish, we can present the result to the Tax Authority, and then it’s up to them to point out any shortcomings. Without such a study the burden of proof rests with you during an audit.

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