Payroll & HR

Payroll administration is a complex and precise work. Errors effect the employee in his/her wallet or could lead to huge additional payments to be made by you as employer. And if the wages are not paid in time, this might cause agitation with your staff. In addition, the legislation with regard to income tax and social security constantly changes.

Your payroll administration is in trusted hands with our experts. We supply the entire payroll output (payslips, journal entries, payroll returns, annual statements) and maintain contact with the Dutch tax authorities ("Belastingdienst"), pension funds and insurance companies. You can count on it that all wages are accurate, efficient, timely and processed with the utmost care. The exchange of mutations and processing are possible via fax, e-mail or phone, but also online. Exchange of the information online is not only efficient but also cost saving. Moreover, you also have the option of a digital archive.

If you wish, the payroll administration can be subject to horizontal monitoring of the Dutch tax authorities. Due to the quality of the processes of HLB Van Daal, the Dutch tax authorities will not carry out tax audits on the payroll. But which way you choose; personal contact, advice and recommendations are always included with our services, whether you have a few or many employees.

HLB Van Daal is NIRPA certified.