Doing business is about tackling issues, seizing opportunities and making the most of your chances. You can only do this on a foundation of solid figures and reliable advice.

First and foremost you are an entrepreneur, financial administration and translating data are generally not your core competencies. HLB Van Daal is your port of call for all the figures to do with your annual accounts, administrative organisation and ICT issues. Clients with interests abroad are supported through our audit experts on site. We also support you when you want to move to the international accounting standard IFRS.

In the end it’s not about the bare figures, but about the control and management information you can distil. It’s second nature to our accountants to think about that at the same time.

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drs. E.W. (Erik) van der Haar RAPartner / Accountant

Prof. Asserweg 8
5144 NC Waalwijk
+31 (0)416 33 05 05

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