A proper administration is the corner stone of all your business operations, but it’s time consuming and often not quite your speciality. However, for the specialists of HLB Van Daal it’s a core activity…

These days employers are constantly faced with changing legislation regarding wage tax, social security, employment law, and terms and conditions. Whether you opt for accounting with HLB or by HLB, for face-to-face or online support or whether it is your salary administration, personnel administration or financial administration, we always consider and think about possible pitfalls – the rules keep changing. Above all, we look for improvements.

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drs. E.W. (Erik) van der Haar RAPartner / Accountant

Prof. Asserweg 8
5144 NC Waalwijk
+31 (0)416 33 05 05

"Thinking together with entrepreneurs, Boards, major shareholders of companies about theā€¦ Lees verder

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